Stainless Steel Welding, Fabrication, and Tank Installation/Manufacture

Since 2005, Tetris Group has been redefining the possibilities in engineering solutions. Especially in the very dynamic commercial landscape of Sydney, we stand as the go-to partner of businesses when it comes to services like stainless steel welding, fabrication, and tank manufacture and installation!



Stainless Steel Welding Sydney Trusts

Our engineers leverage advanced welding techniques to achieve precision in every joint, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of stainless steel structures. Whether it’s intricate components, pipelines, or custom fabrications, Tetris Group’s welding services push every boundary in stainless steel applications.

Tank Installation/Manufacture: Crafted and Laid for Precision

On top of our superb engineering skills, Tetris Group also specialises in tank manufacture and installation, ensuring a seamless integration of the tanks into your operational setup. Our team of experts navigates the complexities of installation with finesse, meticulously aligning tanks to your requirements and industry standards.

Engineering Excellence Beyond Expectations

We aim to elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of any stainless steel structure. Our fabrication services go beyond materials and industry standards; we see every piece of mechanical component as a piece to a puzzle, and that they need to be designed and installed to precision, durability, and reliability.

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