Aluminium and Structural Steel Fabrication Services

Since 2005, Tetris Group has been emerging as the leader in Stainless Steel Fabrication in the dynamic business landscape of Sydney.


Strength in Lightweight Versatility

From architectural elements to intricate components, our Aluminium Fabrication service stands as a testament to precision engineering that exceeds client expectations. Our engineers and craftsmen meticulously shape and mould aluminium into bespoke structures that show both strength and versatility.

Building Foundations in Lasting Structures

As we all know, structural steel is the backbone of many industrial and architectural projects. As masters in Structural Steel Fabrication, Tetris Group’s engineers use cutting-edge technology and clinical methodologies to fabricate steel structures that withstand the test of time. From large complex frameworks to small customised parts of a machinery, we ensure that every work product screams durability and precision.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Sydney Trusts

Aluminium Welding requires a delicate balance of strength and precision, and Tetris Group masters this fusion. Our certified welders employ advanced techniques to ensure every weld in our aluminium structures meets the highest industry standards. Tetris Group’s Aluminium Welding Service guarantees structural integrity and longevity, setting the stage for truly unrivalled performance.

Tetris Group is ready to collaborate with you in your future projects. We don’t just aim to deliver immediate project needs, but also stage the structure for enduring success. Elevate the quality of your next engineering projects to new heights with Tetris Group!

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At Tetris Group our objective is to provide a service to clients that surpasses their expectations.