Orbital Tig Welding Sydney

Tetris Group specialises in closed head for stainless steel tube and open head for scheduled pipe. Orbital welding has been proven to be a very effective method for welding stainless steel tubing for systems in which the products flowing through them must be maintained in a clean and/or sterile condition.

The capability of making smooth, crevice-free welds that maintain uniformity and consistency for thousands of joints have made orbital welding technology the accepted weld technology for the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries in Australia.

Crevice-free welds are essential for controlling the growth of microorganisms in hygienic piping systems.

Orbital Tig Welding Services

By utilising the next generation orbital welding equipment, our fully trained operators are able to cover tube sizes ranging from 15mm to 150mm for closed head welding the most common tube sizes in this type of industries, with wall thickness from 0.1mm to 3mm for closed head.

Utilizing our open head units allows for wall thickness from 2.4mm to 25mm.

Orbital Welding offers complete repeatability after initial parameters are set and material variances have been taken into consideration. Orbital Welding of high purity and integrity with fully penetrated welds, suitable for both the semiconductor and biopharm industries.

Orbital Welding of stainless steel, fecralloy, inconel, hastelloy and many other special metals.

Our orbital welding equipment is easily transportable and can be used at a client’s premises as well as in our high-tech workshop. Our orbital technicians are trained and qualified to work to Australian standard & ASME. We have a library of approved weld procedure.

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