Factory Equipment Relocation Service

Poise your Factory Equipment and Plant Relocation project for success! At Tetris Group, our engineers and logistical staff take pride in delivering seamless factory equipment and plant relocation solutions designed to optimise the transfer process and elevate your business’ operational efficiency.


The Innovative Choice for Seamless Transitions

At Tetris Group, we understand the overwhelming complexity of moving your heavy-duty factory equipment from one plant to another. Our team has mastered the art and science of approaching every relocation project with careful planning and precise and error-free execution, from dismantling and packaging to transport and reassembly. We meticulously plan and undertake every step, minimising downtime and disruptions to your day-to-day operations.


Engineering Excellence in Equipment Handling

Our Factory Equipment Relocation services extend beyond mere logistics. As engineers, we specialise in the careful handling and transportation of delicate machinery and specialised equipment. Whether it’s heavy-duty manufacturing equipment or intricate production lines, Tetris Group ensures that every piece is treated with the utmost care and arrives at its new location in optimal condition.


Rigorous Safety Standards Always Observed

Safety is paramount in every relocation project. Tetris Group adheres to rigorous safety standards at every stage of the process. Our staff are trained to handle the complexities of relocating industrial machinery, prioritising the safety of both personnel and equipment throughout the entire journey! 

If you’re ready to relocate your factory equipment and set up in a new plant, Tetris Group has your back. Contact us today for the most dependable relocation and setup service that your business needs!

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