About Us

Our Mission & Strategy

Our Facilities

Our workshop facilities located in the Sydney metropolitan area is a significant asset to Tetris Engineering & Maintenance. It is critical to have a practical workshop which will allow us to carry out large projects. Our workshop layout and equipment are the most up to date high-tech available on the market, this allows Tetris Group to produce the best quality product and meet our customer’s expectations.

Our workshop is entirely functional and able to complete all projects. Staffed by industry leading tradesmen able to undertake the most comprehensive projects in all forms of ferrous and no ferrous materials.

We can guarantee that you are dealing with the industry's leading professionals, dedicated to ensuring that our offer is backed by commitment and professional standards. We stand behind our product with absolute commitment to it meeting or exceeding industry standards, in performance of the task it has been designed for and quality of our workmanship in manufacturing to your design.

Our Mission & Visions

When Tetris Group first commenced operation in 2005, the founding team members formulated a vision of being the best in the business and delivering services to world class standards. At Tetris Group we work hard to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by constantly reviewing and refining our approach to business and the need for clinical processes and first-class service delivery. Our objective is to provide a service to clients that surpasses their expectations while providing solutions that meet their current needs and accommodates future growth by maximizing system flexibility

To stay responsive to our clients we embrace new work methods provided by technology developments. We work especially hard to preserve our core values and the fundamental strengths that have made Tetris Group what it is today.

Tetris Group is dedicated to providing the best quality of service to our clients and to exceed their expectations in conjunction with high safety standards and policies and procedures of Tetris Group. As a service company, our primary consideration must always be our clients and employee’s well-being and safety, incorporating our primary objective, their satisfaction.

Our People

Our people are the heart of our business. We depend on our staff to provide our customers with exceptional service, products and price. We recognise that our people are crucial to our success, which is why all of our staff have access to the training, education and services they need. Our staff at Tetris Group are dedicated, fully qualified and skilled personnel to ensure you are working with the best in the business.

Our Strategy

Our aim is to provide the finest, most technologically services and products. Whichever industry vertical we service, we continually strive to make a difference.

To do this, we need the right people with the right skills. We need cutting-edge manufacturing processes. We need the latest equipment. And we need to understand our customers better than anyone else.

Through our clear vision and relentless pursuit of excellence over the past 13 years, we've enjoyed consistent growth in our all our divisions and by adhering to this same strategy over the next 10 years, we anticipate that the total business opportunities available to us in these markets continue to grow.

As a leader in our fields, we believe that advanced engineering has a critical role to play in achieving a sustainable future. We are committed to developing the most efficient solutions to our client’s needs.

Our goal is to help the environment and our customers by enabling them to do more, using less. Focusing on the performance of our products and services, investing in our people and engaging with our customers helps grow our business.

Work, Healthy & Safety

  • Ensuring Health, Safety and the Environment have a high priority in all our activities
  • Implementing and maintaining a Health and Safety Management System that complies with relevant industry regulations
  • Implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management system
  • Complying with applicable legislation, together with relevant international standards, codes of practice and client requirements in respect of occupational health, safety and the environment
  • Supporting our employees by providing training and development of HSE knowledge and skills
  • Promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle among our employees
  • Reporting accidents, incidents and near misses and investigating fully to identify lessons learned and prevent similar events from occurring