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Since Tetris Group was established in 2005 we have developed three distinct divisions, Engineering & Maintenance, Electrical & Data and Recruitment Services, this all backed with more than 60 years of combined industry expertise. Our office & workshop facilities located in Sydney's Western Suburbs are equipped with the latest technology, enabling Tetris Group to complete major projects on-time and providing a world class finished product. Our industry accredited staff are fully compliant with best work practices. Our on road fleet of 20+ service vehicles are fully equipped to ensure that our customers' needs come first. Tetris Group offers a broad range of specialized services to many industry verticals.
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    Recruitment Division (click for Recruitment Website)
Tetris Group is structured to ensure fast, flexible responses across an extensive diversity of Australia's industry needs.
Responses that are underwritten by, industry experience and a commitment to integrity and profitability. Your profitability.
Consider today's business environment. Everything changes, faster and faster. More likely than not, your business will at some point need to address challenges not yet conceived, let alone understood. Hence, The Tetris Group, committed to reliable service supply, The Tetris Group remains alert to approaching change.
So let's build business, together.